Honoring Veterans Through Volunteer Work

Cort Millar did not serve in the military, but he feels close kinship with the Air Force through his father, a World War II pilot.

Millar’s dad co-piloted B-24 Liberator bombers as a member of the Army Air Corps, a precursor to today’s Air Force. A senior principal systems engineer for BAE Systems in Totowa, New Jersey, Millar honors his father and other past and present service members through volunteer work, supporting the USO, Soldiers’ Angels, K9 Soldiers, Fleet Week, the annual Armed Forces Gala and Awards Dinner, and other causes. What made you decide to join BAE Systems? I enjoy the challenging work, learning every day, and supporting the warfighter. Knowing that we are helping them perform their jobs and get home safely made BAE Systems appealing. What motivates and inspires you every day? Knowing that what I do directly impacts the customer and the end user. I enjoy interfacing with customers at multiple sites to ensure that our products are effective. What does National Military Appreciation Month mean to you? It’s an opportunity to support our warfighters and make them know they are not forgotten. Why is it important that you support the military in the work you do each day? They do so much for us — make big sacrifices, endure long absences from their families, and cope with difficult situations. They need our help and support. What would you like to say to those serving in the U.S. military? Thank you for your service. Get home safely and know that you are not forgotten. How does it feel to know the work you do is supporting the military? I’m very proud to support our warfighters and to know that what I do makes a difference in their lives. How do you celebrate National Military Appreciation Month? By thanking veterans and sending care packages to deployed soldiers.